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Radiological Services

Some of the 20th century’s most ambitious projects are this century’s biggest environmental headaches, but we have the expertise and the experience to get them under control. Our team of technical experts is second to none, and we also have the management expertise to lead the most challenging D&D and remediation project. We can support or manage any aspect of your radioactive cleanup operation.

Lucas has over 20 years of experience supporting complex nuclear facility D&D and soils remediation projects, most of which involving a myriad of other hazardous materials as well.  This expertise combined with our project management, engineering, and operations capabilities provide our clients a partner with a powerful and broad set of capabilities. Our goal, as always, a satisfied client who hires us again.

Our expertise covers:

  • Surveying and site assessment,

  • Data analysis,

  • Characterization planning,

  • Planning and implementing cleanup operations,

  • Shielding and exposure pathway modeling,

  • Human health risk assessments,

  • Waste brokerage and radiation health physics services,

  • Environmental impact studies, and

  • Assessing project compliance with requirements


The traditional approach to characterization is to collect as many samples as you can and analyze them, often without integrating that information with other data that is available. We’ve abandoned this highly compartmentalized approach in favor of combining data from sample media and in situ measurements to develop a characterization model. We then use in-process measurements to confirm the model, in an integrated approach that sets us apart.

One of our particular strengths is in coordinating with other disciplines, and drawing data from a variety of proven resources. When we characterize a facility, for instance, we pull information from various functional areas, such as radiological control, environmental, and industrial hygiene. Incorporating this data into our models together with our own findings greatly streamlines the process, giving the client a more accurate result, more quickly and at less cost.

Image by Nicholas Cappello

Waste Management

The key elements of radioactive waste management are:

  1. Characterizing the waste,

  2. Determining which waste processing and/or disposal facility the waste should go to,

  3. Identifying and configuring the appropriate package for transport, and

  4. Arranging for ensuring compliant transportation to the designated facility.

Lucas holds a Washington State Radioactive Materials License (WN-L0243). We are licensed to provide waste brokering services, including:

  • Materials handling,

  • Preparation of nuclides for transport,

  • Transfer and shipping,

  • Radiological sampling,

  • Surveys,

  • Site characterization, and

  • Other commercial health physics services performed at our clients’ facilities and temporary job locations.

Image by John Cameron

D&D Planning

We help our clients develop a plan to identify hazardous materials, characterize systems, remove hazardous materials and contamination, bring the facility to a cold-and-dark status, employ the most effective demolition processes, and manage the removal, packaging, shipping, and disposal of contaminated materials.

We then provide the support and leadership to execute the D-4 plan. Our resources include:

  • Radioactive, hazardous and mixed-waste specialists,

  • Radiation control technicians,

  • Cold-and-dark and D4 managers,

  • Field work supervisors,

  • Work planners,

  • Waste designators,

  • Waste shippers,

  • Health physics specialists,

  • Industrial safety experts, and

  • Asbestos specialists.

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