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Engineering Services

We offer a broad spectrum of multi-discipline engineering and technical services focused in the nuclear and industrial business sectors.

Lucas brings over 20 years of experience in building a strong engineering foundation to complex projects starting with the development of the project mission need, development of key requirements documents, analysis of alternatives and the initial phases of design development to ready a project to move to detailed design and execution.

Our Engineering Services

  • Multi-Discipline Engineering Services (Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Instrumentation & Control, Nuclear)

  • Project Requirements Document Development

  • Alternatives Analysis

  • Design Development from Conceptual through Final Design

  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation

  • Owner's Engineer Services

  • Field Engineering

  • Specialty Engineering Analysis

Engineering Projects


Disused Radioactive Sealed Source Management 

Lucas is supporting Disused Sealed Radiological Sources (DSRS) management worldwide by providing integration, design, demonstration, and implementation of the facilities and equipment needed to support the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in managing DSRS, placing them into a safe and secure configuration. Lucas brings our engineering expertise along with our interface management knowledge and tools to ensure all systems meet the DSRS program needs.

  • Mobile Conditioning and Staging Facility (MCSF) - Lucas is designing, prototyping, and implementing a mobile facility to condition and package the DSRS ready for storage.

  • Shielded Transfer Cask (STC) – As the owner’s engineer, we are overseeing the design of a STC to move the containerized DSRS into storage.

  • Silo Storage System (S3) – Lucas engineering staff has developed the design for the S3, placing the containerized DSRS into long-term safe and secure storage.


PNNL Sequim Campus Water Distribution PD-1 Support & Research Accessible Shoreline Project


Lucas was subcontracted by PNNL to provide engineering/design services for the planned facility upgrades at their Sequim Oceanographic Research Facility located in Sequim, WA.

Water Distribution System Modifications

This project converts the water distribution system from an on-site artesian well to tying into the water services from the City of Sequim.  Our support included:

  • Analysis of alternatives to identify the best options for using existing infrastructure.

  • Conceptual design preparation to minimize intrusive work while maintaining high quality water support for research

Research Accessible Shoreline Upgrades

This project provides for facility upgrades to existing shoreline facilities to accommodate the expanding research capabilities.  Our multidiscipline (civil, structural, electrical, and mechanical) team designed the upgrades for the following:

  • Floating Dock, accommodating the new 50 ft research vessel

  • Pier, replacing structural piles with environmentally friendly piles, adding lighting and security camera system

  • Mesocosm Tanks, expanding tank capacities, instrumentation, and water piping

  • Engineering Workspace, replacing existing greenhouse with an engineered building provided with ventilation, heating, water supplies, electric power, fire protection, communications, and access controls.

  • In-ground Utility Trench Upgrade Assessment, recommending utility trench compliance upgrades.

  • Engineering Support to Construction


WESF Capsule Extended Storage Project – Requirements Development & Technical/Management Support

Project W-135, Capsule Extended Storage Project’s mission is to transfer the Cs and Sr capsules stored under water at WESF to a new dry storage facility which will safely and compliantly store the capsules for an extended period.

  • Acquisition of storage and transport systems

  • Construction of the Capsule Storage Area (CSA)

  • WESF modifications necessary to support retrieval, packaging, and transport of capsules

  • Completion of capsule transfer operations

Lucas provided management and technical support to Project W-135, including:

  • Functional Requirements Document (FRD) and Performance Specification

  • Design compliance matrix

  • Code of Record

  • Nuclear Safety Strategy Document

  • Update of the Functional Design Criteria (FDC) documents for the Cask Storage System (CSS), Cask Storage Area (CSA), and the WESF Modifications.

  • Update to Project Execution Plan

  • DOE O 413.3B compliant Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) for dry storage

  • Conceptual design for Cask Storage Area (CSA) and the WESF Modifications

  • Design Basis Interface/Input Matrices development for the CSA and WESF Modifications

  • Investigative actions checklist and scope of work preparation required for Project W-135 construction zones

  • Waste Information Data System and Well Data review for identification of potential areas of concern or interferences in Project W-135 construction zones


GlassWRX – ECM Plant-in-a-Box Standard Design

Our client needed a Engineered Cellular Magmatics (ECM) production plant design that they could implement multiple installations quickly and with a high assurance of success. 


Lucas developed a standardized project execution and design approach that would result in the ability to do just that, just needing to incorporate site-specific requirements.  This standard approach begins with site selection, permitting, finalizing design, through start up and operations procedures. 

The standard conceptual design includes the facility and process system requirements, a general layout with system integration details.  Site-specific details are integrated into the conceptual design, shortening design effort and expediting permitting and construction.

Our standardized project and design implementation package included:

  • Program-Level Strategic Plan

  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction Project Execution Plan

  • Quality Assurance Program Plan

  • Environmental Management System

  • Standard Budgetary Level Cost Estimate

  • Standard Project Execution Schedule

  • Functions and Requirements Document

  • Facility-Site Assessment Plan

  • Workforce Development & Community Involvement

  • Conceptual Design Package


WRPS Advanced Modular Pretreatment System Process Engineering and Project Integration Support

In support of the WRPS AMPS conceptual design development supporting the Critical Decision – 1 submittal, Lucas was responsible for preparing the process engineering design documents for pretreatment of the low-activity waste in preparation for transfer to the Waste Treatment and Processing Plant.  Additionally, we supported development of the Alternatives of Analysis and provided Project Integration Management for the CD-1 submittal.


Our support has included the following:

  • Process Engineering support to conceptual design development

    • Material balance.

    • Process Flow Diagram.

    • Piping and Instrumentation Diagram.

    • Process description input.

  • LAW Pretreatment System Analysis of Alternatives

    • Developed in accordance with DOE O 413.3B, Program and Project Management for the Acquisition of Capital Assets and DOE G 413.3 22, Alternative of Analysis Guide.

  • Project Integration Management in preparation of CD-1 Submittal

    • AMPS Project Management Plan/ Project Execution Plan.

    • Integrated Project Team Charter.

    • Project Definition Rating Index, used to identify the project readiness throughout the Critical Decision process.

    • Lessons Learned from the TSCR Project, precursor to AMPS.

Ken Lucas, PE

Director, Engineering Services

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