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Engineering Services

We offer a broad spectrum of multi-discipline engineering and technical services focused in the nuclear and industrial business sectors, supported by the full range of skills you would expect of a traditional professional engineering firm.  But what sets us apart is our focus and expertise on front-end project engineering.  Lucas brings over 20 years of experience in building a strong engineering foundation to complex projects starting with the development of the project mission need, development of key requirements documents, analysis of alternatives and the initial phases of design development to ready a project to move to detailed design and execution.

We have provided engineering and technical support services for multiple nuclear facility projects including spent nuclear fuel and fuel sludge handling projects; solid nuclear waste handing, packaging, and storage; and high and low activity liquid radioactive waste storage, processing, and immobilization.


In recent years we have expanded our engineering services into industrial materials processing facilities and site infrastructure projects.   This included providing engineering as well as project delivery support for the design and construction of a $35M first-of-kind Engineered Cellular Magmatic (ECM) product production facility located in Beaufort SC. 


  • Project Requirements Document Development

  • Alternatives Analysis

  • Conceptual Design Development

  • Preliminary Design

  • Project Risk Analysis and Mitigation

  • Technology Risk Analysis

  • Process System Design

  • Control System Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Multi-Discipline Design Review Support

Construction Engineer
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