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Lucas provides a depth and breadth of Operations Services that is designed to meet your needs no matter how challenging the circumstances. Out staff are highly experienced in nuclear facilities operations, facility D4, field remediation projects, as well as non-nuclear high-risk operations.

Lucas has provided Operations support personnel from first line supervisors all the way to Project Vice President level. Our personnel have been selected, mentored, and groomed to be effective leaders in demanding environments. We have a team of seasoned field coaches and mentors available to assist in the execution of high-risk operations in the field.

We have provided services to the Nuclear industry, as well as other high-risk industries, for over two decades with demonstrated performance in leading troubled projects to successful outcomes and dysfunctional organizations into high performance teams.

Lucas personnel have provided the blueprint and leadership in navigating complicated Projects through the Department of Energy’s Operational Readiness Review program with successful outcomes allowing the safe startup of Category II nuclear facilities and high-risk operations.

Our personnel are sought after in the industry as the recognized leaders in instilling Conduct of Work and Human Performance Improvement (HPI)  principles into the fabric of the client’s operations. We have established the Lucas Organizational Performance Team (OPT) that are nationally recognized leaders in Conduct of Work, HPI, and Leadership training. 

Facility Operations

A shortage of skilled workers bedevils the nuclear industry as much as many others. We can help by augmenting your team with experienced, quality people with all levels of operations experience. We’ll meet your need for any aspect of nuclear facility operations, from staffing support at all levels, to operations mentoring, to turnkey operations management. Our operations management team is among the best in the industry, and has the success record to prove it.

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Readiness Assessments and Startup Support

The DOE is becoming increasingly stringent in its requirements for readiness review before starting or restarting a critical process. In the past this was just for big projects and major changes, but it now applies to a wide range of activities. This highly prescriptive process is designed to ensure that all people, paperwork, processes and systems are ready to go. But although it’s a crucial operation, and required by the DOE, not many companies are staffed to cope with it.

We’re available to support in either of two ways:

  • Preparation for the startup (training people, testing processes, and ensuring the paperwork is in place), and

  • Performing the assessment.

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